Yemeni Mocha Harazi Coffee Single Origin 8 oz. Med-Dark Roast


The Original Mocha

Mocha Al-Yemen is the gold standard of coffee.

Yemeni Mocha Harazi Qahwa is Coffee Sheikh’s signature coffee. ‘Qahwa’ is simply Arabic for coffee, but also implies a unique method of brewing it with various spices. In parts of the Middle East, it is almost daily where Qahwa is served after a long day of work to rejuvenate everyone, stimulate conversation, and strengthen family bonds. Due to affordability, many have now adopted brands which use Brazilian coffee, which although is inexpensive, is also very bitter. True Arabic coffee was developed several centuries ago with the rise of Yemeni and Ethiopian coffees, which have a syrupy mouthfeel and strong chocolatey notes. In fact, the word ‘Mocha’ came from the Port of Mokha in Yemen, the center of coffee trade in the 18th century.

Modern-day awareness of Yemeni origin coffee has been restricted to the inner circles of experienced specialty coffee drinkers who are willing to pay a serious buck for this hard-to-obtain coffee. However, Coffee Sheikh has met with real Yemeni farmers who have brought the coffee to neighboring countries on small boats. Through this roundabout system, Coffee Sheikh is able to provide Authentic Yemeni coffee at a modest price for our customers.

  • Roasted fresh in the United States
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • 100% Award-winning Heirloom Mono-Origin Yemeni Coffee
  • Excellent for Arabic Qahwa or Turkish-style coffee
  • Also great for pourovers
  • Adheres to Yemen’s fair-value system, where coffee is purchased from recognized farmers at a fair and economically sustainable price
  • Beautiful packaging makes a delightful, culturally-thoughtful gift
  • 10% of all proceeds will go to Interaction for Yemen. As stated on their website, “InterAction and its Members seek to raise awareness of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen, as well as ongoing access and security issues NGOs experience when delivering lifesaving aid.” See fundraising progress bar on our IG page.

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