About Us

We take your coffee personally.

Coffee Sheikh collects only the finest coffees around the world, so that you can look forward to every morning, rain or shine. Our coffee experts have looked deep into the origins of coffee, to understand the ideal way that coffee should be harvested, and prepared. The search has led us to the country of Yemen, where coffee gained its popularity hundreds of years ago. Yemen is an oasis in the middle of a land encapsulated in arid heat, and its beautiful, and remote mountains form the ideal growing conditions of coffee. Yemen’s high-altitude, humidity level, and soil content give the coffee beans a distinctly small and shriveled appearance. The flavor is said to be like no other. Coffee-tasting experts describe it as deep and chocolatey, with a hint of fruit. Coffee Sheikh teamed up with the farmers who harvest these beans to develop a world-class brand and share their treasure with the rest of the world. However, Yemen is only the beginning. We are already in contact with other remote farmers who have been following the ancient coffee-harvesting tradition in other countries, from Ethiopia to Sudan. Your purchases at Coffee Sheikh are directly supporting the economy in these countries, whose main source of income is something we all love: coffee.

More than just coffee.

Coffee Sheikh represents a wildfire movement, where foreign cultures are fusing with mainstream America to create new sounds, new tastes, and new looks. We are partnering with cutting-edge brands to spread awareness, drive away hatred, and create something beautiful that everyone can enjoy.

Who are we?

Coffee Sheikh is a brand of Spectrum Traders LLC, a family owned business operating in New Jersey, USA, near the Rutgers / New Brunswick area and near the University of Florida / Gainesville area. Spectrum Traders, operating since 2015, is a retail company, distributing quality products from all over the world.

Note: Our errors are no less than yours. Coffee Sheikh is a secular brand and supports diversity in race, gender, sexuality, and personal beliefs. We hope to see the day where Southeast Asia and the Middle East no longer experience civil conflict.